AWS Certified Developer Associate-Q & A

1) As AWS Developer ,You have to retrieve some items from a DynamoDB table using the primary key. What API call will provide better performance?

Ans: Query


2) Your Team lead is developing a business intelligence application that performs analytics and your team lead wants to integrate it with a fully managed data warehouse service. What AWS DB platform is suitable for your case?

Ans- Redshift

3) Which of the following is a benefit of using CloudFormation
Infrastructure as Code
Separation of Concerns
Don’t re-invent the wheel

Ans:-All of the above

4) Which AWS services are tied to a region, such as (select three)​
​AWS CloudFront
​AWS DynamoDB
​AWS Lambda

Ans: AWS EC2
​AWS DynamoDB
​AWS Lambda

5) Alex has deleted CloudFormation stack. Will it delete everything that it has created?

Ans- Yes

6) Your Team lead want to run bash commands on your Linux EC2 Instance during its first launch. What option should he use to run the bash commands ?​
User Data
Meta Data

​Ans : User Data

7) When we delete a CloudFormation stack, we have to delete everything that was created by it manually afterward

Ans – No

8) What section is required in every CloudFormation template?​

Ans – Resources

9) Stacks must have unique names


10) Consider your team lead has created one EC2 instance and you assign a secondary private IPv4 address to your EC2 instance, you need to configure the operating system on your instance to recognize the secondary private IP address. If you are using an Ubuntu Linux instance, the ec2-net-utils package can take care of this step for you. Is it false or true?


11) Updates can sometimes replace resources


12) AWS Lambda is an important AWS service. Suppose You have a node.js lambda function that relies upon and external graphics library. What is the best way to include the external graphics library without consuming excessive lambda compute resources.

Ans:-Install the libraries with NPM before creating the deployment package

13) Which of the following is NOT an option while running a new CloudFormation template
Notification Options
Rollback on Failure
Stack Policy
Custom Script

Ans:- Custom Script

14) As part of AWS Big Data activity, we have to utilize AWS S3 services frequently. Consider You have given S3 bucket access to another AWS account. You are trying to change an object’s permissions but can’t. What do you need to do?

Ans:-Ask the object owner to change permissions

15) What will you use if you have to do automating deployments?

Ans: use the CLI

16) When you rename a DB instance, the endpoint for the DB instance does not change.


17) Once you version-enable a bucket, it can never return to an unversioned state.


18) What tool should I use for automating the deployment of CloudFormation templates?
CloudFormation Designer
The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

Ans:-The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

19) We use AWS Lambda function frequestly in AWS Big data technology. Suppose you have created a lambda function to insert information to an RDS database over 20 times per minute. You are finding that the execution time is excessive. How can you improve the performance?

Ans:-increase the size of the rds instance

20) When should you use Parameters?
Some inputs cannot be determined ahead of time
You want to re-use your templates
You want to prevent errors by restricting values to only valid values using types
All of the above

Ans:-All of the above

21) You have created your own EC2 Instance and now you have got one requirement from client.As per requirement, Your team have to encrypt all data at rest. How to implement this policy on the EBS volumes attached to your EC2 instances without over-engineering?​
Use custom software to encrypt the data at the OS level​
Enable KMS encryption for EBS volumes

Ans- Enable KMS encryption for EBS volumes

22) In cloudformation,What option for Parameter is useful if you pass in a sensitive value like a password?


23) When you update a stack, you modify the original stack template then AWS CloudFormation:

Ans:-updates only the resources that you modified

24) What is NOT an advantage of using Typed Parameters in cloudformation.
It performs validation to ensure the parameters values are valid
It gives helpers and displays default values to the user when using the console.
It ensures your CloudFormation will not fail

Ans:-It ensures your CloudFormation will not fail

25) You have created one EC2 instance and your application is running on EC2 instance.You are using AWS X-ray to record trace data for requests to your application running on EC2. Unfortunately, the trace data is not appearing in the X-ray console. You are in the Sao Paulo region. What is the most probable cause?

Ans:-the ec2 instance does not have a role with permissions to send trace segments or telemetry records

26) How many type of resources are available in CloudFormation?
less than 20
between 20 and 100
between 100 and 200
over 200

Ans:-over 200

27)CodePipeline contains a set of actions and each action contains a set of stages​

Ans – No

28) When is a mapping a good choice against a parameter?
When you know all the possible values of a variable in advance
To give flexibility to the user

Ans- When you know all the possible values of a variable in advance

29)We have multiple No SQL databses in AWS. Suppose you have created an e-commerce site using DynamoDB. When creating a primary key on a table which of the following would be the best attribute for the primary key?

Ans:-user_id where there are many users to few products

30) We can create IAM role and provide access to particular EC2 instance.How can you check an IAM role for permissions to a Kinesis stream is associated to an EC2 instance?

Ans:-Check the EC2 instance metadata at iam/security-credentials/role-name

31) The maintenance of EC2 instance and its storage consumes your development time. Your manager asks you to come up with a solution that will save in time spent managing the application on the EC2 instance. What do you suggest?​
Migrate to EKS​
Migrate to ECR​
Migrate to ECS

​Ans- Migrate to ECR

32) You have created one S3 Bucket and You’ve enabled website hosting on a bucket named ‘’ in the us-east-1 (us standard region). Select the URL you’ll receive from AWS as the URL for the bucket.

33 ) Elastic Beanstalk uses CloudFormation to provision resources​

Ans – Yes

34)In your project ,Your Project application processes message from an SQS queue. You will write the algorithm that requests more time when the visibility timeout is not enough. Which API should you call ?​

Ans- ChangeMessageVisibility027b1cAns- ChangeMessageVisibility

35) Your project is deploying static website to an S3 bucket.
For that we have created S3 bucket. Now you are planning to automate this deployment while reducing the cost of this automation as much as possible. Which AWS services should you consider in this case?​
CodeBuild + CodePipeline​
CodeDeploy + ECS

Ans- CodeBuild + CodePipeline

36) In SQS, what is the default visibility timeout for a message?​
24 hours​
30 seconds

​Ans -30 seconds

37) If you anticipate that your S3 workload will consistently exceed 100 PUT/LIST/DELETE requests per second or more than 300 GET requests per second, you should avoid sequential key names


38) You have developed an application that calls the Amazon CloudWatch API. Your application receives ThrottlingException HTTP Status Code: 400 errors when making GetMetricData calls. How can you fix this problem?

Ans:-Implement exponential backoff algorithm for retries

39) Test-queue and test-queue are different queue names.


40) What’s the proper order of events in CodeDeploy?​
Install, Stop Application, AfterInstall, Start Application​
Stop Application, Before Install, After Install, Start Application

Ans – Stop Application, Before Install, After Install, Start Application

41)You have created a dynamodb table that keeps reporting many failed requests with a ProvisionedThroughputExceededException in Cloudwatch. The requests are not continuous but a number of times during the day for a few seconds. We are getting many errors.What is the best solution for reducing the errors?

Ans:-Implement exponential backoff and retry

42) You have created and tested an example Lambda Node.js application from the AWS Serverless Application Repository. What are the next steps?

Ans:-Cloudformation CLI package and deploy commands

43) You have project application that is polling an SQS queue continuously and wasting resources when the queue is empty. What can you do to reduce the resource overhead?

Ans:-Increase ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds

44) AWS Elasticache is a fully managed service which offers two engines (select two)​

Ans – Memcached​


45) You have a browser application which is hosted on Amazon S3. It is making requests to an AWS lambda function. Every time the lambda function is called and when it is called then we lose the session data on the lambda function. What is the best way to store the data used across multiple lambda functions.

Ans:-Use Amazon Dynamodb

46) The ecommerce application accesses sensitive data and you would like to implement Multi Factor authentication. How would you achieve this?

Ans:-Use Cognito Multi Factor authentication (MFA)

47) You have created one S3 Bucket and You configured your S3 Bucket called “cloudvikas” to trigger a Lambda function with each upload. The lambda function creates thumbnails. However, it throws an error about authorization when it tries to download the main picture. What is the potential reason of that?​
You didn’t assign a policy to the Lambda function with Read-only of S3 buckets​
You didn’t assign a role to the Lambda function with a policy that allows access to S3 buckets

​Ans- You didn’t assign a role to the Lambda function with a policy that allows access to S3 buckets

48) The total size of all files on an S3 bucket can exceed 5TB​

Ans : Yes

49) New EBS volumes are pre-formatted with a file system on them so you can easily mount and use them.


50) Which terminology does NOT belong to the API Gateway

Ans – Counters