AWS Cloud Practitioner-Interview Question-2

66) Consider Alex has to upload a file to S3. Its size is 1 GB. which type of upload will give the best throughput performance and resilience?

Ans:-Do a multi-part upload

67) If you want to use CloudFormation, then first your templates must be uploaded into which service?
Directly in CloudFormation
In AWS CodeCommit

Ans:-In AWS S3

68) Do we have to specify the order in which CloudFormation template should create resources?

Ans- False

69) In Spark streaming project , you will get data each time. If its format does not match predefined format then it creates problem.Alex has found similar issue in his project:one message keeps on being processed and makes his consumers crash one by one. That message has a bad format and he had like to get rid of it automatically if that happens. How can he implement this?

Ans:-Implement a DLQ with a redrive policy

70) John has noticed that his SQS costs are extremely high. Upon closer look, he noticed that his consumers are polling SQS too often and getting empty data as a result. What should he do?

Ans:-Enable Long Polling

71) You’d like your messages to be processed exactly once and in order. Which do you need?

Ans:-SQS FIFO Queue

72) I would like to retrieve a subset of dataset stored in S3 with the CSV format. I would like to retrieve a month of data and only 3 columns out of the 10. What should i use?

Ans:- S3 select

73) Which operating systems does Amazon CloudWatch support?

Ans:-Amazon CloudWatch receives and provides metrics for all Amazon EC2 instances and should work with any operating system currently supported by the Amazon EC2 service.

74) Your project manager wants to receive emails when your CodePipeline fails in order to take action. How do you do it?

Ans:- Setup an AWS CloudWatch Event Rule

75) Which AWS Services allow you to track and audit API calls made to and from CodePipeline?

Ans:- AWS CloudTrail

76) Where should the buildspec.yml file be placed in code for CodeBuild to work correctly?

Ans:-at the root of your code

77) I have created one EC2 Instance and it does not have the permissions to perform an API call PutObject on S3. What should I do?

Ans:- I should ask an admin to attach a Policy to the IAM Role on my EC2 Instance that authorises it to do the API call

78) Which step should be used in appspec.yml file to ensure the application is properly running?

Ans:- ValidateService

79) You would like to have a one-stop dashboard for all the CICD needs of one of your projects. You don’t need heavy control of the individual configuration of each components in your CICD, but need to be able to get a holistic view of your projects. Which service do you recommend?

Ans:- CodeStar

80) Once I was working on CloudFormation and got one requirement from per requirement what should I do if your infrastructure created with CloudFormation evolve over time?

Ans:- Change the resources manually in the AWS Console and your CloudFormation template will get automatically updated.Upload a new version of a CloudFormation template with the modified code and apply it in the CloudFormation Console.

81) Will I lose the metrics data if I disable monitoring for an Amazon EC2 instance?

You can retrieve metrics data for any Amazon EC2 instance up to 2 weeks from the time you started to monitor it. After 2 weeks, metrics data for an Amazon EC2 instance will not be available if monitoring was disabled for that Amazon EC2 instance.

82) The AWS CLI depends on which language?
Ans:- Python

83) You would like to improve the performance of your CodeBuild build. You realize that 15 minutes at each build is spent on pulling dependencies from remote repositories and that takes a while. What should you do to drastically speed up the build time?
Ans:- Change buildspec.yml to enable dependencies caching in Amazon S3

84) You would like to deploy static web files to Amazon S3 automatically. Which services should you use for this?

Ans:- CodePipeline + CodeBuild

85) Why should I hibernate an instance?

Ans:- You can hibernate an instance to get your instance and applications up and running quickly, if they take long time to bootstrap

86) Can EC2 Instances retrieve the IAM Role policy JSON document that’s attached to them using the CLI without any role attached?

Ans:- No

87) What happens when I hibernate my instance?

Ans:- When you hibernate an instance, data from your EBS root volume and any attached EBS data volumes is persisted.

88) What’s the proper order of events in CodeDeploy?

Ans:- I have an on-premise personal server that I’d like to use to perform AWS API calls

89) What do you mean by CICD?

Ans:- Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

90) Suppose you have to create infrastructure .To make your infrastructure created with CloudFormation evolve over time, you should do below task?

Ans:- Upload a new version of a CloudFormation template with the modified code and apply it in the CloudFormation Console

91) Which AWS Service helps you to run automated test in your CICD?
Ans:- CodeBuild

92) Running an application on an auto scaling group that scales the number of instances in and out is called

ANS: Horizontal Scalability

93) My KMS API call just failed against AWS. It’s seems I’ve reached the rate limit of the KMS API. I should retry

Using an exponential backoff strategy

94) Scaling an instance from an r4.large to an r4.4xlarge is called

ANS: Vertical Scalability

95) What is the state of an instance when it is hibernating?

Ans:- Hibernated instances are in ‘Stopped’ state.