AWS CloudFormation

Question: What service does CloudFormation offer to AWS customers?

Ans – Infrastructure as code

Question: What are the valid options when deploying a CloudFormation template?

Ans – Template is ready

Use a sample template

Import JSON

Question: What is the overall purpose of Elastic Beanstalk?

Ans – Quick web app deployment

Question: Which of the following options are available when deploying ElastiCache? Choose two.

Ans – Memcached


Question: Which file formats can be used with CloudFormation templates? Choose two.

Ans – YAML


Question: Which type of source is specified when creating an Elastic Transcoder job configuration?

Ans – S3

Question: What is a fast content delivery networking (CDN) service offered by Amazon Web Services?

Ans – CloudFront

Question: What is a human and machine-readable data interchange method commonly used with IAM managed policies, S3 bucket policies, and CloudFormation infrastructure as code?

Ans – JSON