AWS CloudWatch Interview Questions

Performance and monitoring are the parameters which provides better business and benefits. In AWS, Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources. It monitors AWS services and the applications that run on AWS. We can use Amazon CloudWatch to collect and track metrics, collect and monitor log files, set alarms, and automatically react to changes in our AWS resources.

CloudWatch monitors Performance. It monitors many services like

Compute – EC2 instances, Autoscaling Groups, ELB, Route53 health checks.

Storage and Content Delivery: EBS Volumes Storage Gateways, Cloudfront.

It monitors like – CPU UTILIZATION ,Network ,Disk ,Status Check

What is CloudTrail?

AWS CloudTraiI increases visibility into your user and resource activity by recording AWS Management Console actions and API calls.

You have created one EC2 Instance. Which service would you use to check CPU utilization of your EC2 instances?

Your Answer : CloudWatch can be used to check CPU utilization of your EC2 instances.

What is difference between CloudWatch and CloudTrail?