AWS Data Analytics – Specialty Quiz-5

41) True or False: Defining primary keys and foreign keys is an important part of Redshift design because it helps maintain data integrity. What do you think?
Correct Answer: False

42) How many concurrent queries can you run on a Redshift cluster in your project?
Correct Answer: 50

43) Name two types of machine learning that are routinely encountered? (Choose 2)
Hypervised Learning
Unsupervised Learning
Supervised Learning
Transcoded Learning
Correct Answer: Unsupervised Learning.Supervised Learning.

44) Which of the following AWS IoT components transforms messages and routes them to different AWS services?
Device Gateway
Rules Engine
Device Shadow
Correct Answer: Rules Engine

45) What does the F1 score represent?
The quality of the model
S3 record import success
The accuracy of the input data
Correct Answer: The quality of the model

46) Which of the following AWS services directly integrate with Redshift using the COPY command. (Choose 3)
Machine Learning
EMR/EC2 instances
Kinesis Streams
Correct Answer: DynamoDB.EMR/EC2 instances.S3.

47) You are trying to predict whether a customer will buy your product. Which machine learning model would help you make this prediction?
Numeric Prediction Model
Multiclass Classification Model
Binary Classification Model
Correct Answer: Binary Classification Model

48) Besides being in charge of migrating the data, you are also responsible for designing the tables in Redshift. Which distribution style would you choose to achieve the best performance when the BI analysts run queries that JOIN the customer table and orders table using customer_id?
Correct Answer: KEY

49) Which of the following is not a function of the Redshift manifest?
To load required files only
To load files that have a different prefix.
To automatically check files in S3 for data issues.
Correct Answer: To automatically check files in S3 for data issues.

50) Which of the following are characteristics of Supervised Learning? (Choose 2)
Labeled data
Known desired output
Data lacks categorization
Small amount of data is required to process
Correct Answer: Known desired output