Set 1What is AWS EC2?
Lets assume you have deployed an application on Amazon EC2 that call AWS APIs. How will you pass credentials to the application securely.
Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) provides simple, scalable, elastic file storage for use with AWS Cloud services and on-premises resources. You have decided to use EFS for sharing files across many EC2 instances and you want to be able to tolerate an AZ failure. What should you do?
You are architecting a complex application landscape that values fast disk I/O for EC2 instances above everything else. Which storage option would you choose?
You notice that you cannot ping an EC2 instance that you recently started in a public subnet. What could be the problem?
How to create EC2 Instance?
How will you investigate an EC2 web server (which is hosting videos that is constantly running at over 90% CPU utilization)?
  How To Connect To Your Amazon Ec2 Instance?
How to login EC2 in window envioronment?
How to check Http file through AWS EC2 Public ip?
How will you find elastic IPs that are not in use and send details through email using Boto3?
Explain How To Launch Ec2 Instance In An Availability Zone ?
Describe different types of Storage For Amazon Ec2?
What is auto-scaling?
Q) How will you Terminate EC2 instance?
What is the difference between terminating and stopping an EC2 instance?
What is Reserved Instance?
Q) Do we have to turn Termination Protection on?
Q) What is the default action for the root EBS volume when the instance is terminated?
Can we encrypt EBS Root Volumes of DEFAULT AMI’s ?
Describe about Request Spot Instances ?
Describe about Reserved Instances ?
What is Security Group in AWS?
What is Security Group Inbound Rule -ADD/EDIT/DELETE
Security Group OutBound Rule – ADD/EDIT/DELETE
Additional Security Group -ADD/EDIT/DELETE
Is all Inbound traffic blocked by default?
2) Is All Outbound traffic allowed?
3) Verify below statement whether it is correct or wrong?
5) Verify below statement whether it is correct or wrong?
If you create an inbound rule allowing traffic in, that traffic is automatically allowed back out again.
We cannot block specific IP addresses using Security Groups, instead use Network Access Control Lists.
6) How to create a Security Group?
7)What are the basic rules for defining name and description of security groups?
8) How to delete a rule using the console?
9) How to update a rule using the console
What is EBS?
What are the different types of EBS Storages?
Difference between these EBS Volume types:
Q) Suppose we have to move Volumes in different Availability zones i.e. us-west-1c. How will we do it?
Q) If User terminates EC2 instance, will all Volumes linked to that EC2 deleted?
Q) How to delete Snapshot?
Difference between EBS and Instance Store:
How can we encrypt Root Device Volume?
What are Benefits of Using EBS Volumes?
Can Spread Placement Groups be deployed across multiple Availability Zones?
Your EC2 instance in us-east-1a is got terminated, and the attached EBS volume is now available. Your teammate tells you he can’t seen to attach it to your instance in us-east-1.What should be reason?
What type of Amazon’s EBS volumes are?
Deepak has provisioned an 8TB gp2 EBS volume and he is running out of IOPS. What is NOT a way to increase performance?
What is the underlying Hypervisor for EC2 ? (Choose 2)
Your Project Lead would like to leverage EBS volumes in parallel to linearly increase performance, while accepting greater failure risks. Which RAID mode helps him in achieving that?
Spread Placement Groups can be deployed across multiple Availability Zones. Is it true or false?
Although EBS is already a replicated solution, Our company cloudvikas advised us to use a RAID mode that will mirror data and will allow our instance to not be affected if an EBS volume entirely fails. Which RAID mode will be recommend?
Set 3Suppose your task requires massive computing power or high network traffic, or needs to run reliably 24/7 then what will you do?
What are the advantages of adding tags to an EC2 instance?
How can you control a virtual machine’s state?
What is the difference between stopping and terminating an EC2 instance?
How will you terminate the virtual machine?
How will you launch a virtual machine?
Examples of instance families and instance types:
Instance types and families
Connecting to Your Virtual Machine
Shutting down a Virtual Machine
Changing the Size of a Virtual Machine
Starting a Virtual Machine in Another Data Center
Which method should you use for publishing and analyzing the logs (logs from the EC2 Instances need to be published and analysed for new application’s feature)?
Question: What must be done after creating an EBS volume before it can be used?
Question: How are custom AMIs most commonly used after they are created?