Which of the following features only relate to Spread Placement Groups?

Ans: The placement group can only have 7 running instances per Availability Zone

You are working in Ecommerce Company where you have an order processing system in AWS. There are many EC2 Instances to pick up the orders from the application and these EC2 Instances are in an Auto scaling Group to process the orders. What will you do to ensure that the EC2 Processing instances are correctly scaled based on demand?

Answer : We can use SQS queues to decouple the architecture and can scale the processing servers based on the queue length. We know that SQS is a queue from which services pull data, and it supports only once delivery of messages. If no workers pull jobs from SQS, the messages still stay in the queue. SNS is a kind of publisher-subscriber system that pushes messages to subscribers. If there are no subscribers to an SNS topic, a given message is lost.

When would I use Amazon RDS vs. Amazon EC2 Relational Database AMIs?

Ans:-Amazon RDS enables to run a fully featured relational database while offloading database administration. Using relational database AMIs on Amazon EC2 allows to manage relational database in the cloud.

Which EC2 launch modes allows you to get visibility into physical cores and underlying network socket?

Ans-Dedicated Hosts

Do we pay for an EC2 instance compute component?

Ans- We should pay money whenever it’s in “running” state.

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) provides simple, scalable, elastic file storage for use with AWS Cloud services and on-premises resources. You have decided to use EFS for sharing files across many EC2 instances and you want to be able to tolerate an AZ failure. What should you do?

Correct Answer: We can Create EFS mount targets in each AZ and configure each EC2 instance to mount the common mount target.

Suppose I want to provide startup instructions to EC2 instances, then which EC2 parameter should be used?

Ans:-EC2 User Data

Can EC2 Instances retrieve the IAM Role policy JSON document that’s attached to them using the CLI without any role attached?

Ans:- No

I want to test whether my EC2 machine is able to perform the termination of EC2 instances. There is an IAM role attached to my EC2 Instance. I should