AZ-300 Practice Set 1

Your Project manager asks you to monitor web application. Whenever the web app stops for any reason then the DevOps engineers should receive emails. What should you configure to fulfil this requirement? 

We should create an Alert for the WebApp by configuring a resource, condition, action group and alert details.

Your client is configuring Public Addresses for Virtual Machines in availability sets. Now the Virtual Machine disks need to be redundant over different zones having same Azure region. What should be solution?

Client can configure a Standard SKU Public IP Address

When adding a Route to an Azure Route Table which of the following are available Next Hop Types?

Virtual Network Gateway
Virtual Network
Virtual Appliance

Provide IP address which cannot be configured as a valid IP address in Azure?

Your Team Lead wants to enable Enterprise State Roaming.Where can you find this configuration option in the Azure portal?

The correct answer is:
Azure Active Directory > Devices > Enterprise State Roaming

Your Project manager requires that users must logon securely at all times. Company security policy requires that users answer security questions as well as passwords when logging in from outside of the US. How will you implement this requirements?

The correct answers are:
MFA and Conditional Access

In a hybrid environment what is the requirement for client machines to use Azure Seamless Single Sign-On?​

The correct answer is:
Domain Joined

Select the appropriate solution which would meet the following criteria: a) Ensure no password hashes are stored in the cloud. b)Enable my users to sign in and access cloud services using their on-premises password.c)Ensure no new on-premises servers are created.​

Pass-through authentication (PTA) and single sign-on

Which feature allows you to keep on-premises Active Directory passwords in-synch with passwords in the Cloud?

Password writeback

You need to configure Azure MFA to set a time period to allow authentication attempts in project. What must you configure?

Caching Rule

To set up caching, complete the following steps:

  • Browse to Azure Active Directory > Security > MFA > Caching rules.
  • Select Add.
  • Select the cache type from the drop-down list. Enter the maximum number of cache seconds.
  • If necessary, select an authentication type and specify an application.
  • Select Add.
The project manager requests an OAuth 2.0 authentication token for the application access. To receive an OAuth 2.0 bearer token what does the client supply to the bearer?

Client_id and Authorization code.

The basic steps required to use the OAuth 2.0 authorization code grant flow to get an access token from the Microsoft identity platform endpoint are:

  1. Register your app with Azure AD.
  2. Get authorization.
  3. Get an access token.
  4. Call Microsoft Graph with the access token.
  5. Use a refresh token to get a new access token.
Your Client has given requirement to protect confidential data which is as below:1) Encrypts data at rest 2) Data is protected in the Trusted Execution Environment enclave 3) Stops malicious insiders with administrative privilege, or direct access to hardware, from gaining access . How will you do that?

Azure Confidential Computing

You need to delete the certificate “cloud” from the “vikas”.
What is the correct REST API call that will perform this task successfully?

The correct answer is:

What describes the outcome of running the PowerShell script?

Enable “Secure transfer required” setting for the Storage Account named “cloudvikas”

You have a VM called ‘cloudvikas’ and you want to view resource usage for the VM for the last week. What should you configure to show you this? Select all that apply.​

The correct answers are:
Azure Monitoring Metrics
Azure Monitoring Insights

You are configuring diagnostic logging in Azure for a VM called “application”.When you are configuring a sink, to which Azure service can configure?

The correct answer is:

Storage Account

In defining “autoscaling rule sets” what is the “cooldown” parameter?​

The correct answer is:
The amount of time to wait before the rule is applied again so that the autoscale actions have time to take effect.

The Manager has tasked you with deploying a Linux VM. You decide to use an ARM template to achieve this. What value in the JSON template would you configure to lock down SSH access to the VM?​

The correct answer is:

Which script languages can you run to deploy ARM templates? Select all languages that apply.​

The correct answer are:

How many network peerings are possible in the Azure Resource Manager portal?​

The correct answer is:

Which of the following would be the best option for deploying an Azure Standard SKU Public IP address?​

The correct answer is:
Standard Internet-facing Load-balancer