AZ 900 Practice Question

You need to get an indicative pricing on how much it would cost to host 3 Azure windows virtual machines in the East US region. How will you figure out the possible costs?

Ans:- We can use Pricing Calculator here.

What is consumption-based pricing on Azure?

Consumption-based price – You are charged for only what you use. This model is also known as the Pay-As-You-Go rate.

Which cloud ability does elasticity describe?

The ability to quickly expand or decrease computer processing, memory and storage resources.

You have just created a free account in Azure and received 300 USD free credit. For how long is the free credit valid?

Ans:-30 days

What does fault tolerance describe for cloud computing?

The resilience of cloud computing to guarantee no downtime.Fault tolerance refers to the ability of a system (computer, network, cloud cluster, etc.) to continue operating without interruption when one or more of its components fail.

05) What is the container which is used in Azure to host
Ans:-Resource Groups

What is a benefit of a hybrid cloud approach?

  • It enables companies to use a mix of on-premises and public cloud components.
  • It better support for a remote workforce.
  • It reduces costs.
  • Improved scalability and control.
  • Increased agility and innovation.
  • Business continuity.

06) How many minutes per month of downtime is 99.99% availability?

Ans:-4 minutes

What is high availability in cloud computing?

High availability is a quality of computing infrastructure that allows it to continue functioning, even when some of its components fail.If one resource on Azure dies unexpectedly, another resource will almost instantly take over the workload.

07) What do you need to be able to create an Azure Free account
Ans:-A phone number, a credit or debit card, and a Microsoft Account username

What is the difference between private and public cloud?

A private cloud is a cloud service that is not shared with any other organization. A public cloud is a cloud service that shares computing services among different customers.

A private cloud has restricted access to services. A public cloud is accessible to any user.

08) When using the term “public cloud”, what is it that makes it public versus private?

Ans:-Anyone with a credit card can sign up for public cloud computing. There is generally no restriction on who can be a customer.

How does scalability on Azure work?

Scalability is the ability to handle increased load.As resource demand increases, it can split the demand over more resources and scale the application.

09) You have deployed one virtual machine in the East US region in Azure and another in the West US region. Would you incur the same costs for both the compute consumption for both virtual machines if they were running for a week’s time?


What are the two types of scaling on Azure?

Scaling up or down, and scaling out.

10) Which cloud computing model does a virtual machine fall into?
Ans:-Infrastructure as a service

What is the difference between OPEX and CAPEX?

OPEX is an ongoing cost for running a business. CAPEX is the cost of acquiring assets.

11) You work for a company that has an Azure subscription. They want to deploy an application on a set of Azure virtual machines. They want to ensure an SLA of 99.99% for the application running on the virtual machines. Which of the following would help achieve this requirement?

Ans:-Using availability zones

What is the purpose of the Resource Manager in Azure?

Any creation, updating or deleting of Azure resources is done by the Azure Resource Manager.

What is an Azure region?

A set of datacenters close together.

Which cloud service model do Virtual Machines belong to?


12) Which is the set of tools that organizations can use to monitor, allocate, and optimize Azure costs.

Ans:-Azure Cost Management

What are some benefits of using a Virtual Machine on Azure?

No maintenance of hardware and only paying for what you use.

13) Which service would you use to check for custom solutions that could be deployed to your Azure subscription?

Ans:-Azure Marketplace

14) Which parameter can be used by Organizations to manage governance across multiple Azure subscriptions?

Ans:-Management Groups

15) Which service is a mandatory dependent resource that needs to be in place to create a virtual machine in Azure?

Ans:-An Azure virtual network

16) Which one is used by organizations to define performance targets (i.e. uptime) for Azure products and services.

Ans:-Service Level Agreements

17) You have created a windows virtual machine in Azure. Which of the following would you need to take from the details of the virtual machine to connect to it from a workstation
Ans:-Public IP address

18) Which parameter is a logical collection of Azure services that links to an Azure account?

Ans:-Azure Subscription

19) Which of the following is used in a virtual network to separate or segment it into one or more sub-networks?
IP address range


20) Which role support plan does not offer 24×7 access to Support Engineers by email and phone?


21) You have 2 windows virtual machines defined as part of your Azure subscription. Which of the following is used to restrict network traffic into the virtual machines?

Ans:-Network security groups

22) If an organization ______, it can take advantage of discounted pricing through Azure Reservations offers.

Ans:-pays for resources in advance

23) You need to create a No-SQL based data store in Azure. An application would connect to this data store. Which of the following service would you consider using in Azure to host this data store?

Ans:-Azure CosmosDB

24) Which of the following give all Azure customers a chance to test beta and other pre-release features?

Ans:-Public Preview

25) Your company wants to develop an application and deploy it to the Azure platform. They want to have a messaging service in place that could be used by the application. Which of the following service would provide support for exchange of messages for the application?
Ans:-Azure Queue storage

26) Whenever a product is released in market then it is considered in particular preview. Similarly When a product or feature is released to all Azure customers then in which state is it considered?
Ans:-General Availability

27) You need to create a data store in Azure. A set of virtual machines would need to connect to the data store using the SMB protocol. Which of the following could be used to host the data store?

Ans:-Azure File storage

28) Which term refers to a level of operational performance, usually described as uptime, that is higher than normal period?

Ans:-High Availability

29) A company wants to host an application on a set of virtual machines in Azure. They want to ensure that the application is available even in the event of a region failure. Which of the following design pattern needs to be adopted when planning the application environment architecture?

Ans:-Disaster Recovery

30) An Azure Load Balancer can provide high availability for your services.


31) A system in which every application or piece of infrastructure can be expanded to handle an increased load is known to be:

32) Which service looks at deploying a set of virtual machines with identical configurations based on workload demands?
Ans:-Virtual Machine scale sets

33) When scaling a system vertically, you add more power or resources to an existing instance.

34) Which service allows distribution of network traffic to a set of virtual machines defined in a virtual network?
Ans:-Azure Load Balancer

35) When scaling a system horizontally, you add more power or resources to an existing instance.


36) Which Azure feature is most helpful when trying to incorporate elasticity in a solution?


38) Which Azure service helps ensure business continuity in the event of a site failure?

Ans:-Site Recovery Service

39) Which of the following needs to be in place in order to launch Azure cloud shell?

Ans:-A storage account

40) Consists of computing resources used exclusively by one business or organization.

Ans:-Private Cloud