AZ 900 Practice Question

41) A _ is a set of datacenters deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dedicated regional

42) An Azure __ is a defined area of the world that contains at least one Azure Region.


43) __ is a high-availability offering that protects your applications and data from datacenter failures.
Ans:-Availability Zones

44) A combination of a fault domain and an update domain is called __.
Ans:-an Availability Zone

45) A __ is a container that holds related resources for an
Ans:-Resource Group

46) A virtual network is scoped to a single region.

47) Sends encrypted traffic between an Azure virtual network and an on-premises location over the public Internet.

Ans:-VPN Gateway

48) _ is a web traffic load balancer that enables you to manage traffic to your web applications.

Ans:-Azure Application Gateway

49) A _ lets you create a secure connection to your virtual network from an individual client computer.

Ans:-Point-to-Site VPN

50) Microsoft recommends that you use _ disks for new VMs.

51) Data on the temporary disk may be lost during a maintenance event or when you redeploy a VM.

52) Azure file shares cannot be mounted concurrently by cloud or on-premises deployments of Windows, Linux, and

53) IoT Hub supports communications both from the device to the cloud and from the cloud to the device.


54) _ is Microsoft’s cross-platform command-line experience for managing Azure resources.

Ans:-Azure CLI

55) _ is an on-demand analytics job service that simplifies big data.

Ans:-Data Lake Analytics

56) Azure Firewall allows you to centrally create, enforce, and log application and network connectivity policies across subscriptions and virtual networks. Is it true or false?


57) Azure DDoS protection offers two service tiers. What are they?

Ans:-Basic and Standard

58) Azure DDoS Protection Standard can provide full layer 3 to layer 7 mitigation capability.


59) __ enables you to work with the resources in your solution as a group.

Ans:-Azure Resource Group

60) _ is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution.
Ans:-Azure AD

61) You can have up to _ role assignments in each subscription


62) __ is a customizable dashboard which tracks the health of your Azure services.
Ans:-Service Health

63) The __ addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas


64) These security controls are generally applicable to US Federal Information Systems.

65) The Trust Center and the Azure Service Trust Portal both refer to the same thing.

66) Of the built-in roles, only Owners are granted the ability to create or delete management locks.


67) Azure Government uses same underlying technologies as global Azure.

68) When you grant access at a parent scope, those permissions are inherited to the child scopes.

69) Microsoft can assist with key recovery if a key that’s stored in the Key Vault is lost.

70) Azure RBAC is a default allow and explicit deny system.


71) An Azure subscription can only trust one directory.


72) More than one subscription can trust the same directory.


73) Azure pricing is the same, whether you create an Azure account through the Azure website or if you add Azure to a

74) A free Azure account includes _ in Azure credits.


75) The credits provided as part of a free Azure account must be used within _ days.


76) Azure VMs are billed by the __.


77) Which feature identifies VMs with low utilization?

Ans:-Azure Advisor

78) Which plan guarantees Sev A response times of less than 1 hour?


79) Which Microsoft-affiliated forum is a good resource for Azure support, outside of support plan channels?


80) Preview features are covered by the same SLAs as General Availability features.