Certified Cloud Security Professional Interview Question-Set 1

Question: How will you define the sequence of steps required for applying patches to operating systems?

Ans- Deploy patch.Use OS deploy patch management to apply operating system patches across a set of Compute Engine VM instances (VMs).

Question: What are the steps required for baseline monitoring of an OS.

Ans- Monitor server health.Server health monitoring provides a overview of the status and performance of individual servers. It also includes the monitoring of hardware parameters, external conditions in the server room, and various performance data.

Question: In terms of event logging and reporting, what does SIEM stand for?

Ans- Security information and event management. SIEM software works as

  • By collecting log and event data generated by an organizations
  • and bringing it together into a single centralized platform.

It is important because it is easier for enterprises to manage security by filtering massive amounts of security data and prioritizing the security alerts which is generated by system . It enables organizations to detect incidents on time.

Question: What are the factors to consider when doing a Business Impact Analysis?

  • Define RTO and RPO
  • Identify key medium to high risk areas that require action
  • Define solutions
  • Define Business Impact of failure

Question: What are the contributing factors when measuring the value of cloud service investment?

Ans – Key Performance Indicators

Risk management

Question: What are the factors to be considered in third-party audits of cloud services?

Ans- System Operational Metrics

CSP System – Standards and Management

Cloud Consumer Access to Audit Data

Question: What is the function of a federated identity?

Ans- Enables users of one secure domain to securely access resources in another domain seamlessly

Question: What are factors that show virtualization drives cloud service adoption?

Ans- Virtualization

Elastic and self-service provisioning

Operational vs capital expenses

Question: Which term describes cloud archived data that cannot be modified?

Ans- Immutable