Data Science Objective Set 2

Which of the following is an example where big data techniques are being applied?

Basic customer data

Ans:-Social media

What is NOT a type of machine learning?




Which of the following is a typical real-life example where BI techniques are being applied?

Historical stock price data

Ans:-Inventory management

In geometrical terms, a scalar can be represented as:

a line

a square

Ans:-a point

Which of the following is a typical real-life example where machine learning techniques are being applied?

Ans:-Client retention

Basic customer data

Which of the following is a typical real-life example where traditional data techniques are being applied?

Ans:-Basic customer data

Inventory management

Which of the following is a TYPICAL real-life example where traditional data science techniques are being applied?

Social media

Financial trading data

Inventory management

Ans:-Sales forecasting

You have financial data for 100 countries. You feed them to the algorithm and ask it to classify them in as many groups as it sees fit. It starts with 100 groups as each country represents a separate group. You decide to tell it to spit out 5 major groups, i.e. cluster them in 5 clusters. This is an instance of:

supervised learning

Ans:-unsupervised learning

Which software tool is frequently used when working with traditional data or when doing a BI analysis?




Knowing which programming language is a huge advantage if you are supposed to be working with big data and/or machine learning?



Data which can be classified using a linear model is called:




Ans:-linearly separable

Econometric time-series analysis is the domain of which software tool?



Why do we express probabilities numerically?

To determine whether they are likely or unlikely.

Ans:-To compute which event is relatively more likely.

How do we graphically express two mutually exclusive sets?

Their circles are tangent to one another.

Ans:-Their circles do not touch.

What are the intersection and union of two mutually exclusive sets?

The intersection is their sum and the union is the empty set.

The intersection is the smaller set and the union is the larger set.

The union is the empty set and their sum is the intersection.

Ans:-The union is their sum and the intersection is the empty set.

If the probability of an event remains unaffected by another event, the two are….



What do we call the probability we use to distinguish dependent from independent events?

The dependent probability.

The independent probability.

Ans:The conditional probability.

What can you conclude about events A and B, given that P(A) = P(A|B)?

Ans:The two are independent.

The two are dependent.

What is the difference between P(A|B) and P(B|A)?

The former suggests the two events are dependent, while the latter suggests they are independent.

The former suggests event A is more likely than event B, while the latter suggests B is the likelier of the two.

Ans:One indicates the probability of getting A, given B has occurred, while the other indicates the likelihood of getting B, given A has occurred.

What is the value of P(A|B), knowing P(B|A) = 0.6, P(A) = 0.4 and P(B) = 0.3?