AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty Set 2

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1. What must be setup before we can peer with another VPC in another account using CloudFormation?
2. By default, each Transit Gateway attachment may propagate to how many TGW route tables?
3. A Transit Gateway receives traffic destined for Which of the following route table entries will be used?
4. You are using CloudFormation to create a VPC with a CIDR range of You have been instructed to create subnets and dynamically fetch CIDR block ranges for the subnets that are available in the newly create VPC. What can you use to help fetch the available CIDR ranges?
5. Which of the following is the AWS managed DDoS mitigation service?
6. What AWS service or feature can capture packet level details of VPC traffic?
7. How many VIFs can a Hosted DX connection support.
8. By default, each Transit Gateway attachment may be associated with how many TGW route tables?
9. Why might an AWS customer choose a Hosted DX connection instead of a Dedicated DX connection. (Choose 2)
10. True or false: spoke VPCs connected to a transit VPC can have direct communication by provisioning a fully operational peering connection between the two spoke VPCs.
11. The simplest way for an on-prem network to interconnect to a transit VPC architecture using VPN is to...
12. What should be used to gather a detailed list of the IP address ranges assigned to and used by AWS?
13. Which of the following can be implemented by a single AWS account? (Choose 3)
14. How can you ensure that an S3 CloudFront origin is accessed via the CloudFront distribution, and is not accessed directly? (Choose 2)
15. After creating a DX connection, what must be created to connect to a single VPC?
16. Which of the following are true statements about AWS GuardDuty? (Choose 2)
17. Direct Connect port charges only accrue while your connections are being used, rounded to the next full hour.
18. After submitting a request for a new DX Dedicated connection, what must be done to complete the connection? (Choose 3)
19. Which of the following can improve the security of data transferred over DX connections?
20. What AWS service could be used to ensure that VPC configuration changes are in compliance with organizational policies?
21. Which of the following parameters are required when setting up a VPC peering connection with another account in CloudFormation? (Choose 4)
22. Which of the following helps protect your web applications or APIs against common web exploits?
23. What is the maximum number of customer BGP prefixes that may be advertised to AWS?
24. Which of the following intrinsic functions can be used to return an array that lists Availability Zones for a specified region?
25. True or false: Configuring the cache behavior of a CloudFront distribution to require HTTPS ensures that your client requests to the data origin will be secured for the entire session.

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