AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Set1

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1. Data delivery from your Kinesis Firehose delivery stream to the destination is falling behind. When this happens, you need to manually change the buffer size to catch up and ensure that the data is delivered to the destination.
2. For which of the following AWS services can you not create a rule action in AWS IoT? (Choose 2)
3. Which service does Kinesis Firehose not load streaming data into?
4. Kinesis Firehose buffers incoming data before delivering the data to your S3 bucket. What are the buffer size ranges?
5. Regarding SQS, which of the following are true? (Choose 3)
6. True or False: Data Pipeline does not integrate with on-premise servers.
7. Which of the following AWS IoT components transforms messages and routes them to different AWS services?
8. What are the main uses of Kinesis Data Streams? (Choose 2)
9. For an unknown reason, data delivery from Kinesis Firehose to your Redshift cluster has failed. Kinesis Firehose retries the data delivery every 5 minutes for a maximum period for of 60 minutes; however, none of the retries deliver the data to Redshift. Kinesis Firehose skips the files and move onto the next batch of files in S3. How can you ensure that the undelivered data is eventually loaded into Redshift?
10. Your company is launching an IoT device that will send data to AWS. All the data generated by the millions of devices your company is going to sell will be stored in DynamoDB for use by the Engineering team. Each customer's data, however, will only be stored in DynamoDB for 30 days. A mobile application will be used to control the IoT device, and easy user sign-up and sign-in to the mobile application are requirements. The engineering team is designing the application to scale to millions of users. Their preference is to not have to worry about building, securing, and scaling authentication for the mobile application. They also want to use their own identity provider. Which option would be the best choice for their mobile application?
11. Your team has successfully migrated the corporate data warehouse to Redshift. So far, all the data coming into the ETL pipeline for the data warehouse has been from other corporate systems also running on AWS. However, after signing some new business deals with a 3rd party, they will be securely sending files directly to S3. The data in these files needs to be ingested into Redshift. Members of your team are debating the most efficient and best automated way to introduce this change into the ETL pipeline. Which of the following options would you suggest? (Choose 2)
12. If Kinesis Firehose experiences data delivery issues to S3, it will retry delivery to S3 for a period of ________.

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