AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Set4

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1. Which of the following is not a function of the Redshift manifest?
2. What is a fast way to load data into Redshift?
What are some the benefits and use cases of Columnar Databases? (Choose 2)

4. You are trying to predict a numeric value from inventory/retail data that your company has. Which machine learning model would you use to do this?
5. Which of the following AWS services directly integrate with Redshift using the COPY command. (Choose 3)
6. Name two types of machine learning that are routinely encountered? (Choose 2)
7. How many concurrent queries can you run on a Redshift cluster?
8. Your analytics team runs large, long-running queries in an automated fashion throughout the day. The results of these large queries are then used to make business decisions. However, the analytics team also runs small queries manually on ad-hoc basis. How can you ensure that the large queries do not take up all the resources, preventing the smaller ad-hoc queries from running?
9. You have a table in your Redshift cluster, and the data in this table changes infrequently. The table has fewer than 15 million rows and does not JOIN any other tables. Which distribution style would you select for this table?
10. In your current data warehouse, BI analysts consistently join two tables: the customer table and the orders table. The column they JOIN on (and common to both tables) is called customer_id. Both tables are very large, over 1 billion rows. Besides being in charge of migrating the data, you are also responsible for designing the tables in Redshift. Which distribution style would you choose to achieve the best performance when the BI analysts run queries that JOIN the customer table and orders table using customer_id?
11. What does the F1 score represent?
What is the most effective way to merge data into an existing table?

13. You are trying to predict whether a customer will buy your product. Which machine learning model would help you make this prediction?
14. An Area Under Curve (AUC) is shown to be 0.5. What does this signify? (Choose 2)
15. Which of the following are characteristics of Supervised Learning? (Choose 2)
16. True or False: When you use the UNLOAD command in Redshift to write data to S3, it automatically creates files using Amazon S3 server-side encryption with AWS-managed encryption keys (SSE-S3).
17. True or False: Redshift is recommended for transactional processing.
18. True or False: Defining primary keys and foreign keys is an important part of Redshift design because it helps maintain data integrity

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