AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Set5

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1. Which of the following are uses for D3.js? (Choose 2)
2. True or False: To help you better visualize your data, Amazon QuickSight can select the most appropriate visualization style based on the properties of the data you select, such as cardinality and data type.
3. Your client needs assistance with data visualization. The client's developers are fluent in Python and tend to favor tools that integrate well with Python. Which open-source tool is likely to align with the developer needs?
4. True or False: A QuickSight Dashboard is a read-only view into the data.
5. True or False: A Jupyter Notebook can contain live code.
6. A company has set revenue goals for each of their regional businesses across the world. The CEO needs a report showing revenue goals by region. She also needs a visual that uses rectangle sizes and colors to show which regions have the highest revenue goals. Which visual type would best suit her needs?
7. What is SPICE?

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