AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Set6

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1. Your organization is going to use EMR with EMRFS. However, your security team requires that you both encrypt all data before sending it to S3 and that you maintain the keys. Which encryption option should be used?
2. What is Hadoop Encrypted Shuffle?
3. You have enabled encryption for your Redshift cluster and loaded 7 TBs of data into the cluster. It turns out that encryption was not required on this cluster after all. You want to make a change and ensure that the cluster is not encrypted. What are your options? (Choose 2)
4. Which of the following are not characteristics of CloudHSM? (Choose 2)
5. True or False: An EMR cluster must be launched in a public subnet. It cannot be used with S3 or other AWS public endpoints if it is launched in a private subnet.
6. True or False: When using a hardware security module with Redshift, you can only use CloudHSM.
7. Which of the following mechanisms work together to encrypt data at rest on instance store volumes and EBS volumes? (Choose 2)
8. True or False: AWS Key Management Service supports both symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

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