AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Set 5

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1. Which type of visualization uses color to show the density of values?
2. What does the box in a box plot represent?
3. Which visualizations help show comparisons? (Choose 2)
4. Which visualizations help show distribution? (Choose 3)
5. You are a ML specialist designing a regression model to predict the sales for an upcoming festival. The data from the past consists of 1,000 records containing 20 numeric attributes. As you start to analyze the data, you discovered that 30 records have values that are in the far left of a box plot's lower quartile. The festival manager confirmed that those values are unusual, but plausible. There are also 65 records where another numerical value is blank. What should you do to correct these problems?
6. You are a ML specialist working for a retail organization. You are analyzing data that has different items at different costs. You decide to choose the top 5 most expensive items and visually compare their prices. Which visualization can help you achieve this?
7. You are a ML specialist building a regression model to predict the amount of rainfall for the upcoming year. The data you have contains 18,000 observations collected over the last 50 years. Each observation contains the date, amount of rainfall (in cm), humidity, city, and state. You plot the values in a scatter plot for a given day and amount of rainfall. After plotting points, you find a large grouping of values around 0 cm and 0.2 cm. There is a small grouping of values around 500 cm. What are the reasons for each of these groupings? What should you do to correct these values?
8. You are working for a major research university analyzing data about the professors who teach there. The features within the data contain information like employee id, position, department, job description, salary, and tenure. The tenure attribute is binary 0 or 1, whether the professor has tenure or does not have tenure. You need to find the distribution of professors and salaries. What is the best visualization to use to achieve this?
9. Which visualizations help show composition? (Choose 3)
10. Which visualizations help show relationships? (Choose 2)
11. Which Amazon service allows you to create interactive graphs and charts, and acts as Business Intelligence (BI) tool?
12. You are a ML specialist working for a retail organization. You are analyzing customer spending data for particular locations and comparing how it changes over time. You want to visualize the monthly total amount spent at each location over the last 5 years. Which visualization can you use to help you see this?

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