AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Set 6

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1. Which of the following are good candidate problems for using XGBoost? (Choose 3)
2. Which of the following might be used to focus a model on most relevant features?
3. You are being asked to develop a model to predict the likelihood that a student will pass a certification exam based on hours of study. Of the options given, what would be the best approach to this problem?
4. When analyzing a set of one-hot encoded data you realize that, while there is a massive amount of data, most of the values are absent. This is expected given the type of data, but what built-in SageMaker algorithm might you choose to work with this data?
5. In what scenario is the DeepAR algorithm best suited?
6. Which of these examples would be considered as introducing bias into a problem space? (Choose 2)
7. Which best describes SGD in common terms?
8. While using K-Means, what does it mean if we pass in k=4 as a hyperparameter?
9. To remove inconsistency in a process, you have created a very specific step-by-step process for patching servers. How would this best be described?
10. You have been asked to help develop a vision system for a manufacturing line that will reorient parts to a specific position using a robotic arm. What algorithm might you choose for the vision part of this problem?
11. You are on a personal quest to design the best chess playing model in the world. What might be a good strategy for this objective?
12. Which of the following is an example of unsupervised learning? (Choose 2)
13. You are consulting with a retailer that wants to evaluate the sentiment of social media posts to determine if they are positive or negative. Which approach would be the most direct to this problem?
14. You are consulting for a shipping company who wants to implement a very specific algorithm for shipping container optimization. The algorithm is not part of the currently available SageMaker built-in algorithms. What are your options? (Choose 2)

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