AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Set 8

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1. You need to chain together three different algorithms for a model you are creating. You need to run PCA, RCF, and LDA in succession. What is the recommended way to do this?
2. You are helping a digital asset media company create a system which can automatically extract metadata from photographs submitted by freelance photographers. They want a solution that is robust, cost-effective and flexible but they don't want to manage lots of infrastructure. What would you recommend?
3. You are helping a client design a landscape for their mission critical ML model based on DeepAR deployed using SageMaker Hosting Services. Which of the following would you recommend they do to ensure high availability?
4. You need to increase the performance of your Image Classification inference endpoint and want to do so in the most cost-effective manner. What should you choose?
5. Your newly deployed model gets heavy usage on Monday then no usage the rest of the week. To accomodate this heavy usage, you make use of auto-scaling to adjust to the inbound request load. After several weeks in production, you notice a large number of scaled resources going unused and thus consuming money for no good reason. What might you do to resolve this?
6. You are preparing to release an updated version of your latest machine learning model. It is provided to about 3,000 customers who use it in a SaaS capacity. You want to minimize customer disruption, minimize risk and be sure the new model is stable before full deployment. What is the best course of action?
7. You have decided to use SageMaker Hosting Services to deploy your newly created model. What is the next required set after you have created your model?
8. You have been asked to build an automated chatbot for customer service. If the initial interaction with the customer seems negative or the customer is upset or unhappy, you want to immediately transfer that chat session over to a live human. What is the simplest way to implement this feature?
9. You want to deploy an XGBoost-backed model to a fleet of traffic sensors using Raspberry Pis as the local compute component. Will this work?
10. To make use of your published model in a custom application, what must you do?
11. Your company has just established a policy that says all data must be encrypted at rest. You are currently using SageMaker to host Jupyter Notebook instances for your data scientists. What is the most direct path for you to ensure you are compliant?
12. Your company has just discovered a security breach occurred in a division separate from yours but has ordered a full review of all access logs. You have been asked to provide the last 180 days of access to the three SageMaker Hosted Service models that you manage. When you set up these deployments, you left everything default. How will you be able to respond?

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