AWS Certified Security – Specialty Set 8

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1. Which of the following DDoS mitigation best practices can you implement by using a Bastion host to access your EC2 instances?
2. Which of the following technologies can you use to implement DDoS mitigation? (Choose 4)
3. You are configuring a secure website and would like users to connect to your website using HTTPS. Which of the following are supported options to store your SSL/TLS certificates? (Choose 2)
4. Which of the following AWS services would you use to store confidential licence keys so that they can be made available securely to applications in your environment?
5. You can use AWS Shield to protects you against Layer 3 and 4 attacks on which of the following services? (Choose 3)
6. Which of the following features of CloudFront can you use to protect exposed endpoints in your AWS architecture? (Choose 2)
7. You have accidentally exposed your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key in code you uploaded to GitHub. What should you do? (Choose 3)
8. Which of the following services does AWS WAF integrate with? (Choose 2)
9. Which of the following are valid options for using SSL certificates with CloudFront? (Choose 3)
10. Which AWS service can you use to automate common administrative tasks like applying patches or joining instances to a Windows domain without having to log in to each instance in turn?
11. Which of the following AWS services can integrate with ACM? (Choose 2)
12. You would like to run penetration testing on your AWS environment, which of the following are valid options in AWS?
13. Which of the following approaches can you use to best protect your system from being affected by a DDoS attack? (Choose 3)
14. Your EC2 instance has been hacked, which of the following should you do immediately as part of your incident response plan? (Choose 3)
15. Which kind of attack is designed to make your website or application unavailable to your users by flooding your application with traffic using botnets?


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