AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Set1

Welcome to AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 1.


1. Which of these database approaches would be best for storing and analyzing the complex interpersonal relationships of people involved in organized crime. (Choose 2)
2. You have decided to use EFS for sharing files across many EC2 instances and you want to be able to tolerate an AZ failure. You should:
3. You are trying to decide on what product you should select for your in-memory cache needs. You require support for encryption. Which should you choose?
4. You need to improve performance of queries to your DynamoDB table. The most common queries do not use the partition key. What should you do?
5. Considering consistency models, which statements taken by themselves are incorrect? (Choose 2)
6. What DynamoDB features can be utilised to increase the speed of read operations? (Choose 2)
7. Amazon Elasticache can fulfil a number of roles. Choose the operations from the following list which can be implemented using Elasticache for Redis. (Choose 3)
8. Which of the following are considered attributes of the ACID compliance model? (Choose 3)
9. Via CLI, you try to fetch some metadata from a file from an S3 bucket but get back 404 Not Found. You then realize the mistake and upload the file. Immediately after the upload, you try again to fetch the metadata. What are potential outcomes we might expect and why? (Choose 2)
10. You are architecting a complex application landscape that values fast disk I/O for EC2 instances above everything else. Which storage option would you choose?
11. In the Lab for this chapter, what was the city with the highest average ozone levels on October 9, 2018?
12. __________ is an immutable way to set policies on a Glacier vault such as retention or enforcing MFA before delete.
13. As part of your disaster recovery preparation, you have decided to maintain a replica of your on-site data on AWS S3 using Storage Gateway. Which mode should you use?
14. Which of the following data formats does Amazon Athena support? (Choose 3)

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