AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Set 2

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1. Which of the following DNS record types does Route 53 not support?
2. You notice that you cannot ping an EC2 instance that you recently started in a public subnet. What could be the problem?
3. What might I consider to decrease the likelihood that multiple EC2 instances are impacted by some sort of underlying hardware failure in AWS.
4. You have the app currently hosted in three regions around the globe and you have defined Route 53 Geolocation routing to route people to the nearest region. Some customers complain that they are not able to access the service. What could be the cause?
5. You are building an application hosted on AWS for a customer. The customer has a very old firewall that can only whitelist external destinations via IP address only. Which solution could you use? (Choose 2)
6. What is the purpose of an Egress-Only Internet Gateway? (Choose 2)
7. Which of these CIDR blocks and/or IP addresses are invalid for a private VPC or subnet on AWS? (Choose 2)
8. What networking components will allow IPv6 data to communicate between a VPC and the Internet? (Choose 2)
9. You want to allow your VPC instances to resolve using on-prem DNS. Can you do this and how/why?
10. You have setup VPC Peering between VPC_BLUE and VPC_YELLOW and also VPC_BLUE and VPC_RED. In testing, you realize that you cannot reach VPC_RED from VPC_YELLOW. What is the simplest way you can fix this?
11. In an effort to increase security, you have updated the NACLs for your VPC subnets to only allow inbound port 22 from the public Internet and deny all outbound traffic. Now, you are unable to SSH into your instance from the internet where you could before. Assuming nothing else has changed, What is the reason?
12. Which of these statements on Direct Connect are False. (Choose 2)
13. What are some reasons you might want to use a NAT Instance over a NAT Gateway? (Choose 3)


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