AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Set 3

Welcome to AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Set 3.


1. Which of the following AWS services allow native encryption of data, while at rest? (Choose 3)
2. _________ says only issue enough access to do only that which is needed and nothing more.
3. Which statements about SGs and NACLs are true? (Choose 3)
4. Because of regulatory requirements, certain areas of your organization can only use certain regions. Which is the BEST way to implement this control?
5. Your client recently failed a security audit because they had username and passwords hard-coded in a script which runs on an EC2 instance. Which of the following is a way to remediate?
6. Which are characteristics of OAuth 2.0? (Choose 2)
7. Your client is trying to setup SSO for on-prem employees into AWS via a trust relationship with Simple AD but its not working. What is the most likely cause?
8. What is the main difference between IDS and IPS?
9. You are creating a mobile app that needs secure access to AWS resources. What is the best way to do this?
10. What is the most efficient way of logging all external interaction with AWS services for your accounts globally?

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