AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Set 4

Welcome to AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Set 4.


1. You want to gradually migrate data directly from an on-prem RAID10 file server to S3 without moving it to other storage first. Which of these would you use?
2. You have decided to migrate your on-prem legacy Informix database to Amazon Aurora. How might this be facilitated most efficiently?
3. Which migration strategy generally has the least cost for an enterprise?
4. Which of the following options allows users to have secure access to private files located in S3? (Choose 3)
5. You just completed setup of your Direct Connect connection to AWS and want to transition over from your VPN but leave the VPN as a backup. What are some tasks to be done for minimal disruption? (Choose 2)
6. Given a VPC CIDR of and subnet CIDR block of, what would you expect the DNS address to be for DHCP clients in that subnet given default settings?
7. Your client is contemplating migration to a hybrid architecture over the next year. What preparation tasks would you suggest that would be directly tied to supporting this migration? (Choose 3)
8. Which of the following native AWS services does not support a VPC endpoint connection?
9. Which is not part of a component of the Cloud Adoption Framework?
10. You are migrating from an Oracle on-prem database to an Oracle RDS database. Which of these describes this migration properly?
11. You are evaluating a technical migration plan for a customer. Which of the following project assumptions is incorrect?


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