AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Set2

Welcome to AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Set2.


1. Which of the following is not a use case for read replicas?
2. You are using ElastiCache to cache your web application. The caching seems to be running more and more slowly, and you want to diagnose the cause of this issue. If you are using Memcached as your caching engine, what parameter should be adjusted if you find that the overhead pool is less than 50MB?
3. What happens when RDS fails-over from one availability zone to another?
4. Amazon ElastiCache can fulfill a number of roles. Choose the operations from the following list which can be implemented using Elasticache for Redis. (Choose 3)
5. You are attempting to launch EC2 instances in an auto-scaling group, however every time you try, the launch operation fails. Which of the following could be a reason for the failure? (Choose 3)
6. Which of the following is part of the failover process for a Multi-Availability Zone RDS instance?
7. You have been hired by a large online store to help optimize their web application. There are 3 webservers behind an elastic load balancer and each connects to the same RDS instance. This RDS instance started out as a small memory optimized instance. However, as the traffic increased, the company has moved to a larger instance type. The current instance is the largest RDS instance currently available and it is beginning to run out of memory. You need to find a way to further scale the web application. What should you do?
8. You work for an online clothing retailer supporting a website running on EC2, storing product data in Aurora and product images and videos in S3. Your Marketing department announces a Black Friday sale discounting every product on the website. This drives a huge amount traffic to your website and millions of additional requests per second to your database. The CEO is concerned that performance of the website is suffering and after studying the CloudWatch data you realize that Aurora CPU utilization has hit 100%. What can you do to improve the performance of your application?
9. You have a web application with the front end hosted on EC2 and the database hosted on RDS in a single Availability Zone. You notice that when backups are taken from your RDS instance, your applications performance is severely degraded. Your boss asks you to fix the issue. What should you do?
10. Which CLI command can you use to determine which version of RDS you are using?
11. You work for a large telecommunications company, supporting their main customer billing application which runs on a number of load balanced EC2 instances and writes millions of records per second to an Aurora database. Last month you on-boarded a large new customer and the Billing department are now complaining about poor performance of the platform when generating customer bills which is a write-heavy operation, making multiple additional updates to the database. CloudWatch is reporting 100% CPU utilization for Aurora. What can you do to improve performance of your application?
12. Which of the following features only relate to Spread Placement Groups?


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