AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Set6

Welcome to AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Set6.


1. Your web application has a global user base and you would like to route incoming traffic to the website according to the location of the user in order to give your users a personalized experience depending on their location. Which approach do you recommend?
2. Which AWS service is used to establish a dedicated network connection between your own data center and AWS?
3. You need to ensure that data traveling between AWS infrastructure components is kept within the Amazon network when possible. You have been specifically asked to ensure that data flowing to DynamoDB, S3 and Kinesis Data Streams stays within the VPC. Choose an option below which meets this goal.
4. You have configured an EC2 instance, attached an internet gateway, added a route to the internet and configured a new Security Group to allow internet traffic, however you are still unable to access the internet from your EC2 instance. What could be the problem?
5. You have a number of EC2 instances in a private subnet, how can you securely allow these instances to access the internet?
6. Instance 'A' and instance 'B' are running in two different subnets 'A' and 'B' of a VPC. Instance 'A' is not able to ping instance 'B'. Which of the following is a possible reason for this failure?
7. Which subnet mask will give you the smallest IP address range?
8. Which of the following native AWS services does not support a VPC Endpoint connection?
9. What type of Route53 record allows you to map a zone apex DNS name to another Route53 record?
10. You have a number of EC2 instances which need to make wget calls to the internet. Which of the following will need to be in place to enable internet access? (Choose 3)
11. What networking components will allow IPv6 data to communicate between a VPC and the internet? (Choose 2)
12. Your company processes streaming data from IoT devices. You have a single AWS account containing a VPC, a branch office where many DevOps engineers are located and a presence in a Tier 3 Data centre which houses a Database cluster. Data is streamed into the VPC where it is processed and then sent on to the Database. The AWS Engineers regularly connect into the VPC to perform maintenance. From the options below, choose the most secure, reliable and cost effective solution to connect the VPC to the Data center and the branch office into the VPC.
13. How many IP addresses does AWS reserve in every subnet?
14. You are supporting a highly available web application distributed across multiple AWS Regions and Availability Zones. Your application has a global user base and you need to ensure that users experience the best possible performance. Which routing protocol do you recommend?
15. Your website is evenly distributed across 10 EC2 instances in 5 AWS regions. How could you configure your site to maintain high-availability with minimum downtime if one of the 5 regions was to lose network connectivity for an extended period of time?
16. You are configuring a new subnet with a /24 subnet mask. How many useable IP addresses will be available for you to allocate?
17. Which of the following DNS record types does Route 53 not support?
18. You have created an internet gateway and now need to configure a route to the internet. Which of the following is the correct approach?
19. You have an Amazon VPC with one private subnet, one public subnet, and one network address translation (NAT) server. You are creating a group of EC2 instances that configure themselves to deploy an application via GIT. Which of the following setups provides the highest level of security?
20. You are having issues sending traffic from your VPC to your Direct Connect connection. You believe it's a routing issue, but you need to confirm this by looking at the relevant logs. Which options will give you the best chance of troubleshooting your problem?
21. Which subnet mask will give you the largest IP address range?
22. Which protocol does AWS Direct Connect use to share routing information?


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