Google Certified Professional Data Engineer Set 2

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1. What are hyperparameters used for in machine learning?
2. What is the primary purpose of a business intelligence dashboard?
3. Which features could you include in your request to the Cloud Vision API to detect text in images? (Choose 2)
4. Which of these problems would require a regression model?
5. What would be the best approach to transcribing a conversation from a recorded telephone call?
6. If you make a request to the documents:analyzeEntities endpoint of the Natural Language API, what sort of information can you expect in the response?
7. How would you begin to design a Dialogflow agent that can answer requests for weather forecasts?
8. What are some of the properties that can be returned by the Cloud Vision API when requesting the FACE_DETECTION feature?
9. What data sources are supported by Cloud Data Studio?
10. What categories are returned in the safeSearchAnnotation response from the Cloud Vision API?
11. You wish to build an AutoML Natural Language model for classifying some documents with user-defined labels. How can you ensure you are providing quality training data for the model?
12. Your model is performing very well on training data, but very poorly on new or unknown data. What could be the problem?
13. How do you provide GCP authentication credentials when making request to Cloud MP APIs from the command line with curl?
14. Which of these problems would require a classification model?
15. You have a large number of images that you wish to process through a custom AutoML Vision model. Time is not a factor, but cost is. Which approach should you take?
16. What would be the best visualization to present a small amount of data in a dashboard, where you wish to show the proportions of distribution in the data as percentages?
17. Which statement correctly describe the relationship between Keras and TensorFlow?
18. How can you import training data into an AutoML Natural Language dataset?
19. Which AutoML Vision feature would you use to detect multiple objects in an image?
20. How should you interpret the documentSentiment response from the Natural Language API?
21. What would be the most efficient way to transcribe audio from an input video while also filtering out profanity?
22. You need to share a Data Studio dashboard that presents sales data with a non-technical member of the marketing team. This person needs to be able to quickly see how sales are performing in specific regions of the world over specific date ranges. What is the best way to approach this?
23. What would be the best visualization to present a series of data points in time order for trend detection and analysis?
You're developing a mobile application that allows a food processing business to detect fruit that has gone bad. Staff at warehouses will use mobile devices to take pictures of fruit to determine whether it should be discarded. Which GCP services could you use to accomplish this?

25. In the context of TensorFlow, what is a Tensor? (Choose 2)


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