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1. A developer intern is confused about what roles are used for. You describe IAM roles as a collection of what?
2. You want to define a CIDR range that applies to all destination addresses. What IP address would you specify?

Your company is launching an IoT service and will receive large volumes of streaming data. You have to store this data in Bigtable. You want to explore the Bigtable environment from the command line. What command would you run to ensure you have command-line tools installed?

4. The command to create a VPC from the command line is:
5. A team is setting up a web service for internal use. They want to use the same IP address for the foreseeable future. What type of IP address would you assign?

Bigquery plays important role in GCP. You believe there may be a problem with BigQuery in the us-central zone. Where would you go to check the status of the BigQuery service for the quickest access to details?

7. You are using gcloud to create a VPN. Which command would you use?

You have a rule to allow inbound traffic to a VM. You want it to apply only if there is not another rule that would deny that traffic. What priority should you give this rule?


You want to list roles assigned to users in a project called ace-exam-project. What gcloud command would you use?

10. You are using gcloud to create a firewall rule. Which command would you use?
11. You are using Cloud Console to create a VM that you want to exist in a custom subnet you just created. What section of the Create Instance form would you use to specify the custom subnet?

You have created a Cloud Spanner instance and database. According to Google best practices, how often should you update VM packages using apt-get?


In Mobile development company,A team of mobile developers is developing a new application. It will require synchronizing data between mobile devices and a backend database. Which database service would you recommend?

14. You want to get an estimate of the volume of data scanned by BigQuery from the command line. Which option shows the command structure you should use?

The CEO of your startup just read a news report about a company that was attacked by something called cache poisoning. The CEO wants to implement additional security measures to reduce the risk of DNS spoofing and cache poisoning. What would you recommend?


You are deploying a Cloud Launcher application that includes a LAMP stack. What software will this deploy?

17. The Cloud SQL service provides fully managed relational databases. What two types of databases are available in Cloud SQL?

Which command will export a MySQL database called ace-exam-mysql1 to a file called ace-exam-mysql-export.sql in a bucket named ace-exam-buckete1?

19. You are migrating a large number of files from a local storage system to Cloud Storage. You want to use the Cloud Console instead of writing a script. Which of the following Cloud Storage operations can you perform in the console?

How long is log data stored in Stackdriver Logging?

21. Which of the following statements about Cloud Storage is not true?
22. You have received a large data set from an Internet of Things (IoT) system. You want to use BigQuery to analyze the data. What command-line command would you use to make data available for analysis in BigQuery?
23. Where do you specify the ports on a TCP Proxy load balancer that should have their traffic forwarded?

As required by your company�s policy, you need to back up your Datastore database at least once per day. An auditor is questioning whether or not Datastore export is sufficient. You explain that the Datastore export command produces what outputs?

25. What parameter is used to tell BigQuery to automatically detect the schema of a file on import?

Cloud Dataproc is a managed service for which two big data platforms?

27. You have been assigned the App Engine Deployer role. What operations can you perform?

You are viewing log entries and spot one that looks suspicious. You are not familiar with the kind of log entry, and you want to see the complete details of the log entry as quickly as possible. What would you do?


You want to use a template file with Deployment Manager. You expect the file to be complicated.What language would you use?

30. Which of the following commands will run an automatic backup at 3:00 a.m. on an instance called ace-exam-MySQL?

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