Linux System Administrator Quiz Set 1

Welcome to Linux System Administrator QUIZ Set 1.Click on Next Button to proceed.

1. Which of the following strings will not be matched by the regular expression 'ab+c'?
2. Which command will show all of your block devices, such as hard disks, even if they aren't mounted?
3. Which SQL command is used to remove a row of data in a database table?
4. What does telinit 6 do?
5. What does function a { echo $1; } ; a a b c output?
6. Which command will ensure a file is executable by everyone?
7. How do you determine the return value of a script in your shell?
8. Which environment variable lists the directories that will be searched for applications and command line tools that you are trying to execute?
9. Which command will query for the yum package a file belongs to, or was installed by?
10. Which utility can you use to send a message to all users currently logged in?
11. How do you temporarily add a directory to your shared library path?
12. Which two of the following commands do the same thing? (Choose 2)
13. How do you update your yum package sources?
14. Where can you add default options that apply to all entries in grub?
15. What is the systemd equivalent of a runlevel called?
16. What is the main grub configuration file called?
17. Which SQL command is used to put new data into a database table?
18. How do you update your apt package sources?
19. What is the full path to the init program?
20. Where are yum repositories defined?
21. Which quantifier will match 0 or 1 occurrence of the preceding element in a regular expression?
22. Which command will show the disk usage of a specified directory?
23. Which of the following is not a valid filesystem?
24. Which command will perform a filesystem consistency check and interactive repair?
25. Which virtual filesystem presents information about the kernel subsytems?


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