Linux System Administrator QUIZ Set 2

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1. What is the default barebones display manager?
2. What packet type does ping use?
3. Which command will let you view all systemd journal log messages?
4. Where are encrypted group passwords stored?
5. Which file determines the order of which different services are used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses?
6. Which application will monitor incoming connections on particular ports and then launch the appropriate daemon to handle the process?
7. Which application will run your scheduled jobs even if your machine was shut down when it was scheduled to run?
8. Which AccessX option ignores fast duplicate keypresses?
9. What is the name of the daemon which will keep your clock accurate?
10. Which file lists the DNS nameservers which will be used to resolve IP addresses to hostnames?
11. Which command can be used to start an X windows session?
12. How can you view the date in Unix time?
13. Which Linux command can be used to track the path a packet takes between your computer and another target computer on the internet?
14. Which Linux command will list your active network interfaces?
15. What does ulimit -u set?
16. Which environment variable is used to define which X server your graphical applications will be shown on?
17. How can I change to the root user from my current terminal without logging out, using my own password?
18. Which command will give you information about the window you click on in X11?
19. How can you query the hardware clock?
20. Which command is used to change someone elses's password?
21. When was the unixtime epoch?
22. Which command will generate an ssh keypair for you?
23. Which command will ensure your disks don't fill up by deleting old logs?
24. Where are settings stored related to your local ssh server that a remote user will connect to?
25. Which file will stop all users but root logging in?

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