Linux System Administrator QUIZ Set 3

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1. What does DKMS stand for?
2. Which command shows the kernel ring buffer?
3. Which option do we pass to cryptsetup to set up dm-crypt with luks, the hard disk encryption standard?
4. Which command can you use to set up a RAID volume in Linux?
5. Which command will give you a list of all processes on the system that you can then sort via memory, CPU, or some other metric?
6. Which directory in /dev/disk/ shows all of your disks according to their ID?
7. Which tool will make an initramfs image for you?
8. Which command can you use to convert an ext2 filesystem to ext3?
9. What is the correct order of creating and mounting volumes in Linux?
10. Where are your Linux kernel configuration options stored?
11. Which two compression types are kernel sources generally available in?
12. Which tool should you use to check and repair a filesystem?
13. Which application is a complete monitoring and graphing package that comes with its own website portal
14. Which service does autofs use to mount remote network shares?
15. Which command takes a snapshot of any given directory tree and generates a binary image that can be written to CD?
16. Which commands can be used to load modules into the Linux kernel?
17. True or False: the 'bz' in the 'bzImage' kernel refers to the compression type used.
18. What industry-standard application is used to monitor and alert you when systems or specific servers go offline?
19. Which mdadm option will disable a disk, emulating a failure?
20. Which commands can be used to gain information and attempt to fix any issues with an xfs partition, respectively?
21. What does LSB stand for?
22. Which releases are currently available for the version 3 and 4 kernels?
23. What application does UEFI use to execute grub?
24. What is the minimum number of disks a RAID 5 array requires?

What is the minimum number of disks a RAID 0 array requires?


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