Linux System Administrator QUIZ Set 4

Welcome to Linux System Administrator QUIZ Set 4.

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1. What's the correct process for compiling and installing an application from source?
2. What are TSIGs?
3. True or False: Samba can use /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow to authenticate your users directly?
4. What is the name of the GUI application you can use to manage your network in X-Windows?
5. Where are NFS shares defined?
6. Which of these share names will be hidden on a Windows computer?
7. Where are system namservers stored?
8. How do you manually enable an Apache module?
9. Which command gives us detailed information about a domain?
10. Which Nginx configuration line is required to implement a reverse proxy to port 8080 on the local machine?
11. Which of the following provides security extensions to DNS?
12. How can I add the IP address to my enp0s3 interface?
13. Which diff option will produce a patch file from two source files you are comparing?
14. Which two commands can be used to get information about a wireless adapter?
15. Which keyword is used to define how long a DNS record will remain cached before the server will be queried again?
16. What's the default squid proxy port?
17. How can we use tcpdump to show us packets that aren't coming through on port 22?
18. Which file you can edit to display a message to a user after they login to the system via console?
19. What does !H mean in a route table?
20. Which DNS record defines an email server for a domain?
21. What's the HTTP response status for a permanent URL redirection?
22. What kind of requests are sent out to determine which MAC address owns which IP address?
23. Which command can be used to synchronize folders locally or across a network?
24. Which configure switch will change the directory the application will be installed into?
25. Which lsof option will show you what is listening on port 80?


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