Red Hat Certified System Administrator QUIZ Set 1

Welcome to Red Hat Certified System Administrator QUIZ Set 1.

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1. Which of these is NOT a valid SELinux run state?
2. If you wanted to change the configuration of a system service, beneath which top-level directory would you expect to find the configuration file?
3. Which of these commands should you always run when sitting down at a freshly installed system?
4. How could you ensure that the user 'guru' is forced to rotate his password every 4 weeks?
5. How is SELinux configured by default?
6. By now you MUST have played with vimtutor right? RIGHT?!?! If you're in edit mode, which of these key sequences will allow you to save your file and exit vim?
If you want to create a backup copy of your Documents folder in /backup, which command is guaranteed to work, no matter what directory you're in when you run it?

8. Is it possible to change the password on a SSH private key? If so, how?
9. If you run 'umask 0077' and then create a directory, what permissions would you expect that directory to have?
10. To add the user 'vikas' to the group 'cloudvikas' without changing their existing group memberships, which command would you use?
11. Where is user account information stored?
12. Where is password aging information stored?
13. What is the UID of the root account?
14. You've been asked to set up a web server, serving content out of /var/webroot. What would you need to do to ensure SELinux didn't interfere, ever?
15. Which of the following manual pages contains the word 'banana'?
16. When a user is added, their home directory is populated using the contents of which folder?
17. What does load-average tell you, from left to right?
18. You see an executable file with an 's' in the 'User' column. What does this mean?
19. Which of these are valid objects that can be secured / managed using SELinux?
20. You have a 2nd disk attached to your system, mounted under '/storage', which contains a folder called 'Documents'. For convenience, to make this Documents folder appear as if it's in your home directory, what command could you run?
21. What is 'nettle'?
22. Which of the following commands would you run for information regarding the format of /etc/passwd?
23. Which if the following is NOT an absolute path:
24. If you were to run 'ls >> file.list 2>/dev/null', what would happen to the output of the 'ls' command?
25. If you run a command with a '&' appended, what happens?


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