Red Hat Certified System Administrator QUIZ Set 2

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1. How is the systemd journal prevented from filling up your storage?
2. How would you check which shares on 'fileserver' are available to the user 'nuguru' from the 'sambagurus' domain?
3. To persistently set the hostname to '', the correct command to run is:
4. A repo config stanza must have at leave 3 items configured to be valid. These items (one per line) are:
5. How might you monitor general logs in real-time?
6. What is a potential risk of using LVM, and how could you mitigate the risk?
7. In case of emergency, what GUI tool could help you manage firewalld?
8. What would the following command do: nmcli con mod Office ipv4.dns
9. To configure 'rsyslogd' to send log entries for the 'local6' facility, of 'warning' priority or higher to '/var/log/local6.log', writing synchronously (immediately) to disk what would the entry in /etc/rsyslog.conf' look like?
10. To undo all transactions going back to, and including, transaction 25, you would run:
11. Where else, besides files, could 'rsyslogd' send log entries?
12. Which rescue parameter would you pass to the kernel from the grub2 menu if your system was failing to boot because a filesystem check was failing?
13. To temporarily disable a yum repo, you could:
14. You've just set up a 'mysql' database on your server, but the firewall is preventing others from accessing it from a network which is assigned to the 'dmz' zone on 'firewalld'. How could you resolve this persistently?
15. Where could you configure the order in which filesystems are checked at boot time?
16. Where could I look for historical yum transactions?
17. How could you perform a full system update?
18. You suspect that one of your users (Sam) has scheduled a recurring task which ties up a lot of resources on the server repeatedly throughout the business day, and people are complaining. How could you confirm and remedy this?
19. What commands could you run to get information on your Physical Volumes, Volume Groups, and Logical Volumes?
20. Imagine you're logging into a customer's server to resolve an issue they've logged via your ticketing system. How would you ensure your name and the ticket number appear alongside the log entry showing your connection -- so they know who and why the connection was made -- should they ever perform an audit?
21. Where does 'yum' keep downloaded RPMs?
22. To diagnose boot issues more easily, you decide to disable 'quiet boot' and 'graphical boot' by removing 'quiet' and 'rhgb' from the kernel boot parameters. How would you accomplish this so it's persistent?
23. Which of these is a valid fstab entry for an NFS mount?
24. How can you figure out which package installed '/etc/passwd'?
25. The service responsible for NTP is:


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