Google Cloud Practitioner Certification

1. BigQuery is a data warehouse that solves problem by enabling super-fast SQL queries using the processing power. Consider you want to detect the schema of a file on import automatically then what parameter will you use in BigQuery?

Answer : autodetect

As per Google documentation,To enable schema auto-detection when loading data, use one of these approaches:

  1. In the Cloud Console, in the Schema section, for Auto detect, check the Schema and input parameters option.
  2. In the bq command-line tool, use the bq load command with the —autodetect parameter.

2. Your application requires access to a Cloud Storage bucket. How can you achieve this?

Answer: Create a custom service account with (only the required permissions for the application)

Which command will export a MySQL database called mysql1 to a file called mysql-export.sql in a bucket named buckete1?

gcloud sql export sql mysql1 gs://buckete1/mysql- export.sql \ ��database=mysql

You have been assigned the App Engine Deployer role in client project. What operations supposed to be done from you?

You are supposed to read application configuration and settings first and write new versions.

What is the purpose of a trigger in Cloud Dataflow?

Triggers determine when to emit output data, and behave differently for bounded and unbounded data.Triggers determine when to emit aggregated results as data arrives. Results are emitted when the watermark passes the end of the window. We can use the Apache Beam SDK to create or modify triggers for each collection in a streaming pipeline.

 Cloud Dataproc is a managed service. It is used for two big data platforms? What are those platforms?

Spark and Hadoop  

As you know,The Cloud SQL service provides fully managed relational databases. What two types of databases are available in Cloud SQL?

PostgreSQL and MySQL

Bigquery plays important role in GCP. In your project, You found a problem with BigQuery in the us-central zone. Where will you go to check the status of the BigQuery service ?

We should check first.

What section of the Create Instance form would you use to specify the custom subnet for creating VM?

Networking tab of the Management, Security, Disks, Networking, Sole Tenancy section

What is the maximum retention duration for a message in Pub/Sub?

7 days. As per google cloud documentation,Pub/Sub delivers each published message at least once for every subscription. There are some exceptions to this at-least-once behavior: By default, a message that cannot be delivered within the maximum retention time of 7 days is deleted and is no longer accessible.

Which of the following commands will run an automatic backup at 2:00 a.m. on an instance called MySQL1?

gcloud sql instances patch mysql –backup-start-time 02:00

In your big data project,If you want to see the complete details of the log entry as quickly as possible. What will you do?

We can click Expand all to show all details.

What is the compute model of Cloud Dataflow?

Dataflow fully manages Compute Engine services to run jobs.

The command to create a VPC from the command line is:

gcloud compute networks create

As a developer intern, you are confused about what roles are used for. You describe IAM roles as a collection of what?


You are using gcloud to create a VPN. Which command would you use?

gcloud compute forwarding-rule, gcloud compute target-vpn-gateways, and gcloud compute vpn-tunnels

How High Availability for Cloud SQL PostgreSQL instances works?

Instances share a regional replicated persistent disk

You have created a Cloud Spanner instance and database. According to Google best practices, how often should you update VM packages using apt-get?

Never, Cloud Spanner is a managed service.

Pub/Sub is designed for what main purpose?

To decouple services and distribute workloads

To enable asynchronous workflows

To receive, buffer and distribute events

In your project, You are working on GCP Cloud.Where do you specify the ports on a TCP Proxy load balancer that should have their traffic forwarded?


What is the minimum retention duration for a message in Pub/Sub?

10 minutes 

The CEO os your company wants to implement additional security measures to reduce the risk of DNS spoofing and cache poisoning. What would you recommend?


In Your client project, as required by your company�s policy, you need to back up your Datastore database at least twice per day. An auditor is questioning whether or not Datastore export is sufficient. You explain that the Datastore export command produces what outputs?

A metadata file and a folder with the data

You are migrating a large number of input files from a local storage system to Cloud Storage. You want to use the Cloud Console instead of writing a script. Which of the following google Cloud Storage operations can you perform in the console?

Upload files and folders 

How long is log data stored in Stackdriver Logging?

30 days. 

You are using gcloud to create a firewall rule. Which command would you use?

gcloud compute firewall-rules create

You want to get an estimate of the volume of data scanned by BigQuery from the command line. Which option shows the command structure you should use?

bq ��location=[LOCATION] query –use_legacy_sql=false ��dry_run [SQL_QUERY] 

In your project , you got an requirement where you have to synchronize data between mobile devices and a backend database. Which database service would you recommend?BigQueryFirestoreBigtable34. 

Your company is receiving large volumes of streaming data through IoT service. You have stored this data in Bigtable. You want to explore the Bigtable environment from the command line. What command would you run to ensure you have command-line tools installed in your system?

gcloud components install cbt 

In your Cloud based project you are deploying a Cloud Launcher application that includes a LAMP stack. What software will this deploy?

Apache, MySQL, Linux, and PHP

John is working in Google cloud based company in United States. He has received a large data set from an Internet of Things (IoT) system. He wants to use BigQuery to analyze the data. What command-line command would he use to make data available for analysis in BigQuery?

bq load ��autodetect ��source_format=[FORMAT] [DATASET].[TABLE] [PATH_TO_SOURCE]