Google Associate Cloud Engineer Interview Question-Set 1

When using the GCP pricing calculator in your project, which are the most essential aspects to having an accurate estimate?

Ans – Understanding your needs and choosing the correct services

Accurate input of estimated data transfer amounts

Provisioning the type of resources that were used in the estimate


Which are the payment methods available when signing up for GCP for new person?

Ans – Debit Card

Credit Card



When creating a billing budget and alert, which three components must be configured in client based project?

Ans – Amounts




If you want to retain control over the underlying server hardware and operating system in your project when deploying a compute solution, which service will best fit your needs?

Ans – Google Compute Engine (GCE)


You need to create a new billing account in your project and then link it with an existing Google Cloud Platform project. What should you do to achieve this?

Ans – Verify that you are Project Billing Manager for the GCP project. Create a new billing account and link the new billing account to the existing project


What are the three classifications of resources in the Google Cloud Platform which can be used?

Ans – Global Resources

Regional Resources

Zonal Resources


John is new to GCP Cloud.When using the GCP console for the first time, what is created for you and is an essential part of the GCP platform to organize your GCP resources?

Ans – Projects


Which statements are true when dealing with billing accounts in GCP?

A GCP project can be linked to only one Cloud Billing Account

A Cloud Billing account operates in a single currency and is linked to a Google payments profile

A Cloud Billing account can be linked to one or more projects


When exporting your project GCP billing exports to BigQuery, which API must be enabled for the billing account?

Ans – BigQuery Data Transfer API


In which ways can we interact with the services and products available in the Google Cloud Platform project?

Ans – GCP Console

GCP Command Line Interface

Client Libraries