Google Certified Professional Data Engineer Certification

Your project application requires access to a Cloud Storage bucket. How will you achieve this?

Answer: We can create a custom service account with only the required permissions for the application.

High Availability for Cloud SQL PostgreSQL instances works because:

Correct Answer: Instances share a regional replicated persistent disk

A client has 100TB of archive data to move to Google Cloud Storage, but it has restrictions on connecting their private network to the public Internet. How could you facilitate this?

Correct Answer: Use the 100TB Transfer Appliance

Cloud Memorystore is essentially a managed service based on which open-source project?

Correct Answer: Redis

What storage class would be the most cost effective for data that is only accessed once per month?

Correct Answer: Nearline

A customer needs a JSON document store NoSQL database to help them to develop a new application. Which GCP product should they choose?

Correct Answer: Cloud Firestore

What is the best way to grant someone temporary access to a file if they do not have a Google account?

Correct Answer: Use a signed URL with a specific expiry

A push Subscription requires what as its endpoint?

Correct Answer: An HTTPS URL with a valid SSL certificate that accepts POST requests.

Using Cloud IAM, what is the most granular level for which you can configure access control for Pub/Sub?

Correct Answer: Across individual topcis and subscriptions

Your manager wants to use Pub/Sub to distribute jobs to a group of Compute Engine VMs, which should take the next job from the queue.
How will you configure Pub/Sub?

Correct Answer: Create a Topic for jobs. Create a Subscription for this Topic that can be shared by every Compute Engine VM in the group.

What is the minimum retention duration for a message in Pub/Sub?

Correct Answer: 10 minutes

What is a way to test a Cloud Dataflow pipeline before deploying it to production?

Correct Answer: We can remove DataflowRunner from PipelineOptions, to allow the pipeline to run locally.

What is the way to grant access from Dataflow in Project A to a Cloud Storage bucket in Project B?

Correct Answer: We can create a custom service account to use as the Dataflow controller service account in Project A Then we can grant storage viewer access for the bucket in Project B to the custom service account in Project A.

What is the name given to a dataset that can be acted upon within a Cloud Dataflow pipeline?

Correct Answer: PCollection

Which operation can be used to invoke a user-specified function of each element of an input PCollection?

Correct Answer: ParDo

Which AutoML Vision feature would you use to detect multiple objects in an image?

Correct Answer: Object localization

Your manager wish to build an AutoML Natural Language model for classifying some documents with user-defined labels.
How will you achieve this?

Correct Answer: Ensure you provide at minimum 10 training documents per label, but ideally 100 times more documents for the most common label than for the least common label.

How can you import training data into an AutoML Natural Language dataset?

Correct Answer: As TXT, PDF, TIF or ZIP files, or as a CSV containing references to documents and training labels, from a local upload or Cloud Storage bucket.

You are working in Google cloud project where you have a large number of images that you wish to process through a custom AutoML Vision model considering cost factor. How will you do this?

Correct Answer: Make an asynchronous prediction request for the entire batch of images using the batchPredict method.

What are some of the properties that can be returned by the Cloud Vision API when requesting the FACE_DETECTION feature?

Correct Answer: Positions of the features of the face , likelihood of certain emotions, likelihood of headwear

How do you provide GCP authentication credentials when making request to Cloud MP APIs from the command line with curl?

Correct Answer: Configure authentication with gcloud, then use ‘print-access-token’ to include an authorization bearer in the HTTP request


Google Certified Professional Data Engineer QUIZ Set 1