Google Cloud Interview Question Set 1

Consider you need low-latency global access to data stored in a regional GCS bucket. What should you do to address the latency issue?

We can use Google’s Cloud CDN. Google’s Cloud CDN is very easy to turn on, but it does only work for data that comes from within GCP and only if the objects are being accessed frequently enough.

You are designing a mixed-media processing system that will generate per-user customized videos. Primary processing will occur on GCE instances in europe-west2-a, europe-west2-b, and europe-west2-c. Which primary storage fulfil this requirement?

A single-region Cloud Storage bucket would be both cheaper and faster (lower latency) than a multi-regional one.

You need a place to store images before serving them from AppEngine Standard. Which of the following options will you choose?

Cloud Source Repositories


Cloud Filestore

Persistent Disk

Cloud Build

Compute Engine

Cloud Storage

Container Registry


Cloud Storage