Linux System Administrator QUIZ

Linux system administration is one of the most in-demand skills in IT.We are sharing few QUIZ sets to practice. Lets practice and share your feedback. Before attempting QUIZ Sets, lets revise basic concepts:

When you login you get “$” prompt, what is the prompt for root?

How to view difference between two files?
diff file1 and file2

How to change a user password?
passwd username

How do you search for a pattern/word in a file and then replace
it in an entire file?
sed command

Which permission allows a user to run an executable with the
permissions of the owner of that file?
First 3 bits should have x

What does the following command line do?
ps -ef | awk ‘{print $1}’ | sort | uniq
List the first column of all running processes, sort them and
remove duplicates

What is the output of the following command:
$tail -10 filename | head -1
It will show the first line from the last 10 lines of a file

How to create a directory?

Why is “tail –f logfilename” command used most often and what
does it do?
It will output all incoming logs in real time

Where are the zone files located for DNS service?

What is the difference between “hostname” and “uname” commands?
Hostname will give you system name and uname will give you OS

How to sort a file in reverse order?
cat filename | sort –r

List any 3 type of filesystem?
ext4,NTFS and FAT

How to check the total number of partition in Linux?
fdisk -l

Your company has terminated a server administrator. What is first
thing as an administrator you should do to enhance the security?
Change root password

What are the different types of DNS Server
Master and secondary

What is the exact command syntax to list the 5th column of a file
and cut the first 3 letters?
cat filename | awk ‘{print $5}’ | cut –c1-3

What is the purpose of pipe (|)?
To combine multiple commands

There is a command which gives you information about other
commands, please explain that command and what is it used for?

What is the configuration file name of DNS and where is it

Which command is used to read the top 5 lines of a file?
head -5 filename

Name the command to find specific word from a file?
grep word filename

Your PC is configured with a DNS server address but not the
default gateway. Can the PC access internet?

If I don’t want others to read my file1, how to do that?
Remove r from the last 3 bits of file permission

What is the port # for DNS, NTP and NFS?
53,123 and 111/2049

What is the command to change file/directory ownership and group?
chown and chgrp

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